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YuYu interview Masaru Emoto



What was it that got you interested in water?

Well, it wasn’t until I was in my forties that I even became interested. Before that I had no interest in religion, philosophy, or science…I didn’t believe in a God. I was just working in my trading business when a colleague introduced me to colloidal water that helped me heal this terrible foot pain that I had been having. That experience was what sparked my interest and further investigation. Then as I started to study the Hado water I began to understand that the reason for my interest were the memories I had from past lives.

—— Where did you spend your past lives?

Many different places; in Mexico as an Incan, a Mayan, in Ecuador and many other areas, including lives in North America. That is why when I travel to any of those places I immediately feel very comfortable…like I belong there, because of my past life experiences. I feel a deep connection. The psychic who did my past-life readings told me that I’ve had hundreds of past lives and in my previous lives I had always attained the level of a master—each connected with water in some way. Things didn’t usually work out for me though because of my arrogance and self-aggrandizement, things ended in disaster. This time I have been reborn as a typical “ojiisan” (old man) to try and learn from my past- life mistakes. As a very typical person I now know that by myself I cannot hope to do everything. That is why I have all of these helpers to work with me in all of this.

—— Can you heal people with hado water?
Water after being exposed to the word Peace.

Yes. As a healer I’ve used my power and knowledge of hado water to heal more than 10,000 people. I’ve healed them from such things as AIDS, cancer and various other serious diseases just through water. I used to heal with the help of a magnetic resonance analyzer (MRA) and through this machine I can measure Hado. Through the MRA I can connect with people and can get a reading on internal information to find out what is happening with their bodies and measure the results. Before, directly contacting patients in Japan legally wasn’t allowed, so I had patients hold the device bar and I observed the MRA readings and I’d ask questions and get the feed back from the machine. It was very successful, but now that I look back it was a pretty scary experience.

—— What was it that scared you?

It’s because I could feel the bad vibrations from patients. Sometime I would absorb really bad vibrations from them—all that bad energy—was very dangerous to be around. I not only had to take in the bad energy, but I had to concentrate on releasing it. Once I was distracted by a beautiful women and the bad hado energy coursed through me and jolted my body, so I really need to actively focus on ridding my body of that bad energy. So the poison from the of 10,000 people’s problems, at the DNA level, chemical level, past-life, karma, disease and psychological troubles, have passed through me. I’m surprised that I’m still alive, because so many of the people who were doing this are dead. It’s because of love and gratitude that I’m sitting here talking to you today. Back then I was still smoking like crazy because of all the stress…I needed it as a release for the pressure, but now I don’t need to.

—— Do you still personally heal people anymore?
Masaru Emoto (right) lecturing in San Diego.

I don’t do any healing anymore…its takes a lot of energy from me and now I’m getting too old for that. There are many problems all over the world and you fix one thing and another thing comes up. So through my travels, lectures and books I am spreading the word to let people heal themselves physically and mentally. By myself it is impossible, but through my books and lectures I can reach even more people. To carry on my work I have already trained a number of hado practitioners to use the MRA in Japan and have started the Hado Instructor School in Los Angeles.

—— What led you to begin your experiments in photographing water crystals?

These healing experiences are what lead me to study, explore and develop the crystal philosophy.
We’ve found that healing happened just by drinking this hado water with the beautiful crystals formations. As I studied and worked with water I began to realize that water was affected by the information or vibration that it took in and was exposed to. I had this theory that we could change the structure and improve the quality of our water by exposing it to positive thoughts, images and sound, but I had no way of physically proving it. One day, I was reading about how there are no two snowflakes alike and the idea came to me that we could freeze water and then photograph the results. So I immediately had one of my staff members, Mr. Ishibashi, begin experimenting with taking photographs of the water. For months he worked on this with no success, only disappointment. In fact, he was almost certain that it couldn’t be done, but I kept reassuring him, telling him how confident I was that he’d find a way. Little by little my passion and confidence rubbed off on him and he too started to believe that we could in fact do it. At the same time we were gradually improving our methods in conducting the experiments. Finally, in 1994, we broke through. First, we put water in a bottle and expose it to a word, picture or some music, and then we’d put samples of the water in Petri dishes and then freeze the samples. After a few hours the water would freeze and then we would light the sample, then we’d observe crystals forming as the temperature rose and the ice started to melt. It takes a minute or two and then, like a flower blossoming, you can see the crystal formation taking place and spreading.

—— So is this the message the water holds for us?

In my two books, I discuss aspects of this; “The Hidden Message of Water” tells of my philosophy that I learned from the water, the message of love and gratitude, while in “The True Power of Water” I explore what led to my developing this philosophy and that we are the water and the water is us. Those are the messages that we can learn from water. Throughout my childhood and beyond, I had this terrible reoccurring nightmare, for 50 years, usually once a week: I was living in Yokohama, up on a hill, with a view of the Tokyo Bay. Looking out I hear a strange sucking noise and then the next thing I see is the ocean splitting in two! The water parted just like in a movie, revealing the bottom and then in a moment a huge tsunami comes roaring towards me. I gasp and run away and just as I’m being overtaken by the giant crushing wave I wake up in a sweat. Every time it’s the same … every time for 50 years. I really didn’t know why, but for the last six years 6 years since I published my first book I haven’t had the nightmare anymore! We self-published the book and through word of mouth its popularity grew. Now it is published all over the world, in many different languages, and was on the NY Times best sellers list for 17 weeks. I am only the 2nd Japanese author to accomplish that, the other being Sony’s Mr. Morita.

—— What effect does good water have on our bodies?
The message of water resonated with the S.D. audience.

It’s like the chicken and the egg, which came first? If you have good water then of course it will have beneficial results for your body, soul and self. By the same token if we constantly ingest poor water it will have the opposite effect.

—— Since our bodies and this planet are composed primarily of water, can we change the world if we think differently about water?

It’s the same idea on a different scale. Just now the world is terribly sick and if it continues to get worse, even if we do change the quality of the water, the world will still be in big trouble. The world needs to heal. It is almost impossible to change the whole world, but we can change people and make them better. First, we need to focus on things in our own lives and neighborhoods, then, if enough people change, we can make bigger changes as we move from individuals to neighborhoods and our cities and so on. In this way it won’t be impossible.

—— You mentioned that we should start small, start with ourselves in order to create change. What do you do in your daily life with water?

During breakfast lunch and dinner, everyday I drink water and take care of myself and also pray. The first thing I do everyday is to verbally express my love and gratitude towards the water and I do the same each night. After work I sometimes feel like drinking, which good because the intrinsic hado of alcohol is good if done in moderation and in positive settings and topics.

—— As you show in your slides the source of the water makes a difference. What kind of water do you suggest drinking?

Basically, you should drink water from your area; where you are living. That is because our body is constructed of the minerals taken from the water where we were born and are living. The resonance and the purity of the water is crucial because the water where you were born is the essence of your being. To drink the water from where you were born will resonate more greatly with you, more than other water.

—— Do you think we are currently on the right path as a civilization and planet?

Our world is going down the same path as we have previously when we lost civilizations. There once existed other continents on our planet, Mu, that had Hawaii at it’s center, Atlantis and Lemuria. If we keep following the same path we are on we will meet the same fate as Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu—catastrophe! The temperatures around the world are rising an average of 3.6 degrees Farenheit and if we keep on at this pace it will climb to 5.4 degrees F. If a human body temperature were to rise by 3.6 degrees he or she would be considered sick—the earth is the same. If the earth’s temperature keeps increasing, as it is predicted to do, what will happen? If the earth were a person it would die. But the earth won’t die; the earth will start getting rid of the causes of the rising temperatures. There will be earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes…all trying to get rid of the reason, which has been the enormous increase in the population. If the population trend continues and we don’t change we won’t be able to survive on earth anymore. The fossil fuel we increasingly use for energy is causing our planets temperature to rise and if we keep using it the temperatures will continue to increase. So the time has come for us to stop using energy from fire and develop and use energy from water! The fire era is also known as man’s world, however, the 21st century is the Age of Aquarius and is the era of women.

—— Most of us realize the importance of clean water and how vital it is to us, is there something we are missing?
Water Crystals formed reflecting “Love and Gratitude” and“arigatou”

There are many mysteries within water and most people don’t really know what the water is and that is why they really don’t know themselves. If you know water you’ll get to know about yourself. When we were fertile eggs we are 90% water, as a baby that becomes 80%, and as adults we are made up of around 70% water. As we age we lose water and when our water percentage drops below 50% we die. Water is the only source that carries the source of vibration, or Hado, and through my studies I’ve discovered that the water crystals are really the manifestation of vibration. When we raise that vibration through positive thought or music we revive the water in us and revive ourselves and we feel happier or stronger. I’ve been looking at the vibration and now I know what the vibration is.

—— The water crystal pictures are so beautiful, what are some of the experiments you did?

As we were documenting the water crystal formations from various parts of Japan and throughout the world we realized that the quality of the water crystals depended on more than just whether the water was natural, tap or bottled—perhaps water can be affected by hado, or subtle information or vibration, both good and bad. To test this we exposed the water to different sources of information. In our first test of this we placed labels on two identical bottles of water. One said, “thank you,” and formed beautiful water crystals, and the other said, “you fool” and produced only fragments of crystals. After discovering water’s ability to change and its sensitivity to external sources of information we began exposing it to other sources, music, prayer, pictures and so on.

—— What were the results?
The Emoto team in San Diego. Munetetsu Matsumura (Buddhist Monk), Hiro Emoto, Mrs. Emoto, Masaru Emoto, Tomoko Miura (translator). (from left to right)

Time after time water responded to positive information by forming beautiful crystal formations, regardless of the language—it responded to the essence of the information! This can be from across the room or across the ocean. The most dramatic and beautiful by far has been the reaction to “love and gratitude”. It enhances the immunity of the water, the clarity. Through the power of prayer, love and gratitude, I have witnessed water in reservoirs healed through the work of Buddhist Priests. Not just love and not just gratitude, but together. Love is the active and gratitude is the passive. Only when there is the act of receiving can there be a giving. So I’m giving out active energy right now and you are a receiver. Once you start vibrating, it turns into an active energy and from now on you have to be active to pass on this energy to others. This is the basis of free energy, that God created. God, the creator, made the earth and left it to us and for us to create. God created water. God gave love and gratitude to the water; the secret of H20 is the ratio of 1:2, which is 1 (love): 2 (gratitude). On our face we have 2 ears and one mouth. What would you do if you had 2 mouths, you might have a fight and that would only lead to destructive energy.

That’s why I love doing this kind of interview because the questions make me think about answers that I didn’t realize before and so it is a chance to see another part of me that I was unaware of. It’s a chance for self- discovery. When you deal with people their actions and reactions are all different, but the idea of love and gratitude is the same. Even when we are talking right now I can feel the vibrations and want to send out positive vibrations.

—— Me too! It is that interaction that makes life exciting.

That’s why I love doing this kind of interview because the questions make me think about answers that I didn’t realize before and so it is a chance to see another part of me that I was unaware. It’s a chance for self-discovery. When you deal with people their actions and reactions are all different, but the idea of love and gratitude is the same. Even when we are talking right now I can feel the vibrations and want to send out positive vibrations.

—— Your lectures talk about resonance, how do you feel that now that your message is resonating with so many people through your books and movies?

It makes me really happy and so I can’t quit now. Since many are resonating with me now, they receive my energy and as we resonate together this create new vibrations, which come back to me many times over.

(09-01-2005 issue, Interviewed by Terry Nicholas)

Masaru Emoto ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned Japanese researcher who has gained worldwide acclaim. He is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s Department of Humanities and Sciences with a focus on International Relations. In 1992, he received his certification from the Open University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. He is an author, lecturer and healer. He has written and self-published numerous books on water including the N.Y. Times best selling“The Hidden Messages in Water”and others including his latest The True Power of Water. Through high-speed photography Masaru Emoto has shown the consequences of thoughts and other vibrations on the formation of water crystals. He is the head of IHM Research Institute, President of IHM CO LTd. And Chairman of the International Hado Fellowship. If you want to learn more visit