Friday, 12 July 2024

YuYu Advertisement

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Our goal is to help you (our advertisers) get results!  By helping you achieve success we all benefit and nothing makes us happier.  As you may know, Japanese people are known to value long-term relationships and this also holds true when they choose goods and services.  Therefore, from our experience, for your advertising dollar to be most effective, ads are best run on a consistent basis.   As readers see your ad over time, they recognize your name or product and this in turn instills in your future customers the idea that you are a steady and reliable business.
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frontcovers Published since October 1987, the San Diego YU-YU is well known as San Diego's premier Japanese language publication targeting the San Diego's Japanese & Japanese American Community. To assist you in establishing this consistent presence in San Diego, the YU-YU offers volume discounts for advertisers committing to run ads multiple times (please see our enclosed rate chart for details) ranging from 5%-40%.

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yuyu website is the San Diego's Japanese online resource for local news, arts and entertainment coverage.  Our new online advertising management system, OpenX, provides real-time reporting information to clients and account managers on a number of variables designed to deliverable measurable and effective results.

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