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Contact call or text: 619-786-5748
Added 2018-01-04
Modified: 2018-01-04
Created by




場所:Visalia, California

費用:無料、 患者になって一緒に来てくださる方には報酬金(400ドル)+宿泊施設代+食事代





Hi there! 

I am a dental hygiene student here in San Diego and I am in need of a patient who can come with me for my board exam which will be held in February (a day between 2/22~2/25) in Visalia, California.

I am looking for an individual who is between 18-40 years old, and that individual must have a lot of tartar build up (ideally someone who hasn't had any professional teeth cleaning over 3 years).

If you qualify and can come with me to the site, you will be compensated and the cost for a hotel and meals for the trip will be covered.

If you think you would qualify, please contact me ASAP. I will give you further information and have you for a screening at my school in San Diego.

Thank you so much!





San Diego

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