Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Do you have the time?


  Do you have the time?


I’m a female student who is learning English in San Diego.

The other day, when I was walking in town, an American guy suddenly approached me and asked, “Do you have the time?”  I thought he tried to pick me up. So, I said vigilantly and firmly, “No!  I have no time!” I told this to a friend and she laughed her head off. Since then, my friend has teased me by singing the famous line from the Southern All Stars, “What time is it? Please wait a bit,” whenever she sees me.

Another friend, who seemed to be more sympathetic to me, shared her experience with me. When she was shopping in a department store, she asked a sales associate where the restroom was. She said, “May I borrow the toilet?” while she meant, “May I use the restroom?" The sales associate burst into laughter and asked, “What do you want to use it for?” Even worse, she didn’t understand why the sales associate was laughing at her. Later, she found out the reason and felt deeply embarrassed…. 

Anyway, don't be discouraged. Let’s keep learning English! 


(Someday I’ll be “Bilingal”)