Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Where's my car?


  Where's my car?


Do you sometimes forget where you parked your car? I do. It’s no laughing matter especially here in America. What if you don’t remember where you parked in a typical huge parking lot.... The good news is, some shopping malls offer a service to help customers find their cars in the parking places. How encouraging!  This may happen only in America.

My husband’s grandmother has benefited from such a service. She is eighty-five years old but still drives. Although she's still hale and hearty, old age has caught up with her and she forgets things more often. The other day, she forgot where she had parked her car at Horton Plaza.

So she asked a parking attendant for help, but she couldn't remember which car she had driven! The parking attendant gave a wry smile. He drove her around for nearly an hour, looking for her car. The only clue was that it might be a “white car.” Finally, Grandma yelled, “That’s it! We found it!" The car she was pointing at was blue…. She almost bragged about her adventure while we were listening to her.

(I-luv-SD Girl)