Wednesday, 24 April 2024

An Amazing Lunch

An Amazing Lunch

bentou_big.gifSome years ago, my friend K-ko and I started living with separate families in the US on a short-term homestay program. I became used to living here, with nothing to complain about, but K-ko, whose mentality was very Japanese, suffered from homesick. What she missed very much was Japanese food.

We usually brought our lunches to school. On that day, K-ko brought her lunch in a lunch box. She told me that her host mother had made it for her, cooking rice. “How nice!” I said. But she seemed disappointed.

I was shown the lunch box and stunned. It certainly had white steamed rice, but it was mixed with colorful M&M chocolates! To make it worse, they were peanuts chocolates.

When our homestay program was over, we went back to Japan. I came back to the US later, but K-ko never did.

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