Wednesday, 24 April 2024

A Mystery of a Drive-through

A Mystery of a Drive-through

car_big.gifEighteen years ago, I lived in a rural area of the state of Washington as a foreign student. One day I needed $40 or so in cash, so I walked to my bank with a Venezuelan friend.

When we arrived, the bank had already been closed, and the ATM was out of order. I didn’t know what to do, but my friend said cheerfully, “The drive-through window is still open.” So we walked in the drive-through and appeared at the window.

The teller seemed frightened when she saw us who appeared out of nowhere, but she pulled herself together and asked, “Where’s your car?” When I answered that I didn’t have a car, she looked stunned and replied, “I can’t help you guys.” What? She couldn’t help us because we didn’t have a car? How hardheaded she was!

Fifteen minutes later, we appeared again, this time with a “flat car” that my friend had made out of a cardboard box. The teller laughed and laughed like crazy, but she still didn’t let me withdraw cash....

“You are the driver!”