Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Incredible Techniques

Incredible Techniques

7_up_big.gifMs. N, who has been living in the US longer than I, says that she gave up speaking English with correct pronunciation long time ago. Rather, she’s got incredible techniques for speaking “understandable” English.

She gives me practical advice. When I lamented, “I ordered a coffee, but I got a coke,” she told me that I should say “coffee with cream & sugar” next time. She added, “If you still get a coke, that means the waiter is stupid.” I see.

I also told her, “When ordering a SPRITE, it takes a while because I am always asked to repeat it,” and she said, “Don’t try such a difficult word. Say, ‘SEVENUP’ instead.” “What about if they only have SPRITE?” “If so, they would ask you if SPRITE is okay, then you would say ‘yes,’ making a face of disappointment.” She’s great. Her English is for survival use, which you would never learn from an English conversation school.

But, I would say, she can survive because she lives in San Diego, where she can enjoy Nijiya,
Mitsuwa, and “YU-YU”....

Takumi Oka