Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Almost Wanted

Almost Wanted

jail_big.gifWhen I just moved from California to NY, my car still had the California license plate. That’s why I didn’t pay much attention to quite a few parking violation tickets that I had already received from NY.

One morning, I heard my car alarm going off very loudly. I went out right away and spotted five to six police officers trying to open my car by force. They said they would seize my car if I would not pay in cash for my tickets worth $360 right away.

Fortunately, I had some cash in my place and was able to pay. I thought this matter was over, but there was something more. I noticed that somebody had been taking my exchange with the police by a video camera. “What are you taking?” I covered the camera’s lens with my hands, my hair messy and my face without makeup. They told me that they were a camera crew for “America’s Most Wanted.” They were preparing in case I would run away. I almost became wanted on TV....

“I am not the culprit”