Wednesday, 24 April 2024

What Kind of Guy Is My Husband?

What Kind of Guy Is My Husband?

breakfast_big.gifWe are a couple, happily married for three months. My husband works for a leading computer-related company and earns a lot of money. We met in a Japanese class at SDSU, and he is sweet enough to still try to speak some Japanese, such as “Kyo mo Kawaii yo! (You’re pretty today, too!)” and “Denwa desu (A phone call for you).”

Yet, he is very strict about money. I’ve heard that American husbands in general know the value of money, controlling their household finance, but our situation seems a little bit too extreme.
We have no joint bank accounts. He doesn’t hand all his earnings to me. Instead, each of us contributes to our household every month. I earn less than he does; to make up for it, I end up doing more housework or cooking.

At the end of each month, my husband tracks household income and expense and draws a pie chart. Then he discusses the spending trend and measures for future spending. When he buys something luxurious out of his pocket, such as smoked salmon, he writes his initials on the package. So, even in our refrigerator, each of us is having a separate section.

When I get sick of this kind of lifestyle, I write big initials in ketchup on a sunny-side up egg that I cook and eat it in front of him, showing it off. That’s my little revenge….

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