Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Japanese Character Tattoos Popular in America


Japanese Character Tattoos Popular in America

Tattoos are popular among young people both in the US and Japan. Some people have small patterns or the names of their loved ones engraved on their bodies, whereas some serious enthusiasts have tattoos all over their bodies.

I would not usually make comments on tattoos people choose to have because that depends on the person’s sense of beauty, but I just wanted to say something about Japanese Kanji tattoos.

The other day, an American teenager that I saw in a park was wearing a Kanji tattoo that read “Pain.” Also, a friend of mine in NY saw a hilarious one in a sports gym. A blonde guy had one that read “Wrong” on one of his calves. That’s quite wrong!

Such encounters convinced me that when getting a character tattoo in a foreign country, I shouldn’t skip an effort to look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary.

"I still think it's wrong"