Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Scary People in Downtown


Scary People in Downtown

I don’t like Downtown so much because I am afraid of some scary-looking people aimlessly standing around there. But, one day, I had to go there alone by car. I thought I knew very well where and how to get around there, but I totally lost all sense of direction when I accidentally made eye contact with such scary people.

Anyway, I wanted to escape from them, so I quickly turned to the right. Then, from the opposite direction, I saw many more of scary-looking people coming toward me, shouting at me; even some were trying to stop me by extending their arms!

I was so scared that I could sense my face became pale. Ignoring those people, I drove farther and took a right turn again. Then, other scary-looking people were also shouting at me and trying to stop me. Crying in my mind, “Help me! I don’t like this!” I took another right turn at a high speed.

Then I came to understand what those people were trying to do, because I saw a few cars approaching toward me in the same lane. Yes, I was driving the wrong way on a one-way street. I was the scariest one. I am very thankful to God for having no accidents.

A Reckless Driver