Wednesday, 24 April 2024

What Is Privacy?


What Is Privacy?

After coming to the US, I couldn’t get used to American types of restrooms for a while. In a public restroom, such as one in an airport or a school, a compartment typically has a gap of 20-30 centimeters between its door and the floor plus small gaps between the door and the partitions. I understand all these are for security purposes, but they make me nervous.

One day, I felt the call of nature in a shopping mall and rushed into a restroom. There, I couldn’t believe what I was just seeing. Yes, there were partitions, but none of them had doors! None of them!! I was so shocked that I just stood there, shouting the same line over and over again, like a broken record player: “No dooooooors!”

Moreover, a middle-aged woman sitting in the back was cheerfully waving at me, “Hi, How’re you doing?” I forced myself to reply, “F…fine, thank you.” Needless to say, I soon became her neighbor.

“A rural shopping mall is safe”