Wednesday, 24 April 2024

The Hustle and Bustle Rhapsody of Japan


The Hustle and Bustle Rhapsody of Japan

When I was in a train station in Japan, I heard constant announcements by an employee: “On Platform 3, an express train bound for ØØ is coming. It will stop at… [listing all the station names]. An express train is coming on Platform 3. Please wait behind the white line.”

I finally got on the train, but a train conductor was also engaged in non-stop announcements: “The doors are closing. Please beware of the doors. The next stop is XX, XX. If you are heading for the __ direction, please change trains at the next station, XX. The exits will be on the right side. The doors on the right side will open. Please beware of the doors.”

As soon as I arrived at the department store, I heard another announcement: “When you are using the escalators, please hold your child’s hand and stand between the yellow lines.” Leave me alone!

Then I escaped from the hustle and bustle of the city and climbed a mountain. As soon as I arrived at the top of the mountain, I heard strange music from a speaker. I couldn’t even enjoy birds’ singing. Oh, please, give me a break….

Takumi Oka