Wednesday, 24 April 2024

My Husband’s Baseball Analogies


My Husband’s Baseball Analogies

We are a family of three who have been living in the US for three years because of the husband’s work. Since we started living here, my husband has become a big fan of Major League Baseball and lost interest in Japanese professional baseball. He always watches televised Major League games in which Japanese players appear.

He correctly remembers the results of Matsui’s and Ichiro’s batting performance. His expertise in baseball also impresses his coworkers. But my son and I are so tired of his habit of comparing everything with baseball….

The other day, as soon as he came home from work, he made outlandish comments: “I’ve got an excellent staff. Our company has transformed from a weak baseball team into a strong one that can play in a playoff. If we keep going, we may make it to the World Series.”

When our son, a junior high school student, got a bad grade on an exam, my husband said, “Hey! What is this? If you kept doing like this, you would not be in the starting lineup anymore. Look at Matsui. He took a chance and came to America, an unfamiliar environment to him, but he’s been doing well. If you need advice, talk to your manager…I mean, your classroom teacher.”

Then in the evening, my husband went, “Honey! Don’t you think this soup is a little bit too salty? Seasoning food is as tricky as pitching. This tastes too straight. You need to throw a breaking ball, like sugar,” and he added a helpless joke, “But, this is a soup, so you don’t need a fork (i.e. forkball), haha.”

The Yankees lost in the World Series, which disappointed my husband. The baseball season was over for the year and the “peaceful days” returned to our family.

A catcher playing the wife’s role