Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Some Happenings on Cars

Some Happenings on Cars

carchase_big.gif<Part 1> I needed to guide a friend by car, so I asked her to follow my car. While I was leading, she suddenly speeded up and passed me at a high speed. “Why?” I said to myself and desperately followed her. Then I looked ahead and found that an identical car to mine—the same model and color—was driving very fast. My friend was following that car, mistaking it as my car. Hey, please wait for me!

<Part 2> Neither my husband nor I are good at machines. Unaware that a car would also need water and oil just like a human being, we continued driving our car hard, without satisfying its needs. One day, the car was unable to start, white smoke coming out of its hood. On other occasions, we didn’t know how to turn off the high beams, which outraged cars coming from the opposite direction. In addition, we couldn’t turn off the car alarm that had gone off, which made us the center of people’s attention. Finally, we still rely on our instinct for checking the air pressure of the tires.

<Part 3> When I just arrived in San Diego, I saw a traffic sign near San Clemente that described a mother running with her children. I wondered what it was and asked my husband. “This is a very long story,” he said and started explaining. Whenever I see the sign, “Caution! Illegal immigrants from Mexico may be crossing,” I sense a paradox behind America’s affluence.

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